A Confectionary Tradition
For our first project in Graduate Design Studio I, GD MFA ‘21 students were asked to reflect on their personal definition of the word home. We then chose something we hold dear to depict across four pages of a collective publication. 

Across my four spreads I tell the story of the annual Thanksgiving tradition of building a gingerbread house with my Nana. This time spent in her kitchen was pure magic and I will always hold close the memories of her unyielding love, fierce stubborness and reassuring kisses blown from across the room. She is and will forever be special to me. 

All imagery was made via photographing real candy.

Book cover design: Bella Hu
Production of book: Shoshana Schultz + Charlie Michael

“After the dishes have been cleared from a meal of goldened turkey, we embark on a confectionary tradition of building a gingerbread house.”

“A peppermint paved path leads up to the door through fluffy white marshmallow trees with pretzel trunks. It’s a whirlwind of color, taste and smell on a square foot piece of board.”

“By the end of the evening, a gritty layer of dried white icing coats the counter and our hands. It’s a sparkling disco underneath our feet from grains of sugar littering the floor.”