The Self-Checkout Manifesto
With the implementation of self-checkout machines in grocery stores across suburban America, I gained unprecedented independence to buy as many oreos and bags of Tostitos chips as my heart desired. Adapted from F.T. Marinetti’s Futurism Manifesto, the Self-Checkout Manifesto is a humorous ode to my beloved machine. 

Students were led by Ellen Lupton through a typography intensive workshop, creating iterative posters for their manifestos. This is a selection of work created from the Type Spa project.

“We intend to exalt ownership, unprecedented independence, and checkout experiences rid of magazines graced by George Clooney’s sexy face.”

“We sing hymns to the multi-mirrored and transparent scanner, which shoots bi-optic lasers across the Earth, capturing barcodes along the circle of its orbit.”

“We will glorify our everyday hero with shouts of jubilent praise, humbled by the assistant who types in their override code when our beloved machine goes awry.”